Civil Aviation Bodies, Rules Regulations, and Laws for Manned and Unmanned Balloons.

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The following information relates to unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) laws, regulations and balloon safety. 

Almost all countries have rules, regulations, and laws that apply to the use of balloons. These laws are generally applicable to unmanned, moored, and free balloons in regard to civil aviation safety. 

There are also other rules and regulations that specifically apply to the safety of balloons and the use of balloons around children. The rules found in aviation laws and regulations is not an exhaustive list when it relates to the use or manufacturing of balloons. All rules, laws, and regulations in the jurisdiction in which the product is used must be followed.

In 2000, Australia was the first country to begin drafting such laws, and as a result, other countries began using Australian regulations to draft similar UAV legislation.

Aviation Bodies and Sources of Information

Here are some sources of regulations, as they relate to unmanned, moored, and free balloons.

Australian Government-Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASR Part 101)
The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Regulation part 101 (CARS 101), consolidates all the rules applicable to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) into one body legislation. This includes unmanned, moored, and free balloons.

USA- FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) 

Any balloon larger than 6 feet in size, that breaks free from its tether, must be reported to the nearest airport authority.

FAA Regulations 101

Other Sources

EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency)Made up of mostly European members. A few international representations also make up the EASA, including Canada, the USA, China, and Singapore.

ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization)Is a United Nations specialized agency that includes 191 Member States, along with industry groups. They attempt to reach a consensus on aviation Standards and Recommended Practices. As a body, they have an impact on rules, regulations, and laws that impact moored and unmoored balloons.

See other related safety articles for more information: Manufacturing Safety, Warning Markings.

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