How to put Confetti in Latex Balloons using HiFloat

Modified on Fri, 28 Jun at 9:19 AM

Adding confetti to a latex balloon is simple and Bargain Balloon has over a hundred different colors, finishes, sizes, and shapes.

  1. Squirt a small amount of HiFloat solution into your latex balloon (so the confetti will stick).
  2. Massage the balloon to spread the HiFloat around.
  3. Fill the balloon with your desired amount of confetti.
  4. Inflate the balloon with helium.

Please Note: Hi-Float will make the confetti stick, but it may not create the desired look on the balloon. The Hi-Float may cause the balloon to look pasty, resulting in the confetti not looking as appealing as expected. There are other ways to make the confetti stick without using Hifloat. 

Please click the link below to watch a video on the different techniques to put confetti in a balloon.

Shop for HiFloat

Shop for Confetti Dots 

Click the picture below to watch a video. 


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