Manufacturers, distributors, companies, and retailers use barcodes to keep track of:

  • -Inventory
  • -Restocking dates
  • -Product location
  • -Shipping and receiving information 
  • -Sales
  • -General product information
  • -Pictures


Barcodes make it simpler for employees to scan products and find locations. They allow for easy and quick scanning and shelving, instead of manually inputting product codes into the computer.


Many balloon manufacturers have begun designing balloons with barcodes printed on them. Most foil balloons are manufactured with a barcode located just above the tail, which companies use to scan products into their inventory or for cashiers to scan during a checkout. Once a barcode is scanned, the inventory is updated. Foil balloons can be sold either packaged or unpackaged.

Latex balloons are not manufactured with barcodes because they are generally sold in large quantities in packages. Very few retail stores sell latex balloons individually. When this is done, codes are created within the system to cash out unpackaged latex balloons.





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