With thousands of balloon designs to choose from, it can still be difficult to find the perfect balloon sometimes. Vinyl stickers are the perfect solution if you find yourself stuck looking for the perfect balloon. 

Vinyl stickers are durable, waterproof, long-lasting and can be used to personalize foil, latex, and Bubble Balloons with custom designs. Vinyl stickers can be purchased online or at a craft store. 

See the video link below on Chris Adamo's method of securing balloon in place. Although it is a diligent task, you can save money by personalizing balloons yourself instead of having them custom printed.

Printing Vinyl Stickers

  • To custom print vinyl stickers you will need an inkjet printer and vinyl printer paper. The Cricut printer cuts a hundred different materials from cardstock, vinyl, fabric, and many more, however, a regular inkjet printer will do just fine. 
  • Vinyl stickers can be applied to an inflated foil, latex, or Bubble Balloon or an uninflated foil balloon. 
  • Bubble Balloons and latex are not stretched enough to apply stickers when uninflated. 
  • Secure the balloon in place so that it does not move around when applying stickers to an inflated balloon.
  • Measure the width of a balloon prior to placing stickers to make sure that they are precisely arranged.
  • When the stickers are ready to be applied, strategically decide where to place them on the balloon. 
  • Once the stickers are placed onto the balloon, run your fingers over them to make sure it has adhered properly.
  • Carefully remove the paper and make sure every letter has made its way onto the balloon.

How to Apply Vinyl Stickers to a Latex Balloon

How to secure a balloon from moving when applying vinyl stickers.