Balloon nets are an elegant addition to any helium or air-filled latex or Bubble balloon. Most nets are made from a fibrous plastic or raffia and are available in various sizes. The size of the net depends on the size of the balloon– the larger the balloon the bigger the net you will need. 

How to use a Balloon Net

  1. Begin by opening up the balloon net and laying it out flat out on a table. 
  2. Once your balloon is inflated place the net flat on a table. 
  3. If you are using helium to inflate the balloon make sure the balloon is anchored by a balloon weight or tied to something with ribbon. 
  4. Both hands will be needed to work with the balloon net. 
  5. Once the net is open, place the net over the balloon from the top, while making sure it is uniform all around. 
  6. You can also adjust the net, once it is placed over the balloon. 
  7. One side should not be longer than the other.

Decorators create a complementary base for balloon nets to be fastened to. If your balloon is air-filled, you can create a stand for the balloon to set on. If you are creating centerpieces, make a long enough stand so the balloon can hover high. Balloon nets are ideal for creating hot-air balloon designs, either suspended over tables or as centerpieces. 

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