We receive additional inventory daily, from at least one manufacturer. Some manufacturers ship to us weekly. We receive inventory from Qualatex and Anagram once per week, with other manufacturers shipping to us less frequently. Below are the frequency schedules of most of the manufacturers we work with. The schedule does not indicate when we last received stock, so it is best to open a support ticket when you are looking for the restock date of any product. We post restock dates online for some manufacturers. 

Open a support ticket and supply us with the information below. We will look into restock dates.

1. The product code(s) of the item that you are looking for.

2. The quantity you are looking for.

3. The latest date you need the order by.

4. Your zip code or postal code.

Restock Frequency by Manufacturer


Restock Frequency

CTI Industries

8 to 14 days


3 to 5 days

Flexmetal (FM)

3 to 4 weeks


7 days


2 to 4 weeks


2 to 3 weeks


2 to 3 weeks

Creative Balloons

2 weeks


4 to 6 weeks