A balloon expander is a tool used to stretch the neck of an 18-inch stuffing latex balloon onto the collar of a Super Stuffer machine. Using a balloon expander will minimize balloon breakage as well as injury to your fingers.

This tool comes with the purchase of some Super Stuffer Machines and is also sold separately as a replacement part.

A balloon expander allows balloons to be stuffed easily with teddy bears, smaller balloons, florals, gifts, deorations and anything else that can fit into a balloon. 

How to Use a Balloon Expander

  1. With the handles apart and prongs facing upwards, place the balloon's neck over the center of the balloon expander where all of the eight prongs meet.
  2. Make sure the entire neck is all the way down and then push the handles together so the balloon's neck stretches. Printed balloons have to be turned inside out or the writing will not be legible.  
  3. Place the expander directly over the collar of the Super Stuffer, making sure that the neck of the balloon is lower than the tabs on the collar of the machine. 
  4. Gently release the pressure on the handles allowing the balloon neck to grip the collar. 
  5. Push down on the expander's body and the balloon will release from the prongs and remain attached to the tabs.
  6. Stretch the handles apart to their maximum and lift the expander over and off of the Super Stuffer's collar.
  7. Push the balloon downward and you are ready to begin inflating. 

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