Please read the following safety guidelines before filling or handling a Cloudbuster balloon.

  1. Always use the correct inflation equipment when filling a Cloudbuster.
  2. Make sure the area you are inflating the balloon is free of sharp objects.
  3. Do not over-inflate.
  4. Do not use anything other than air or helium to inflate a Cloudbuster.
  5. Wear safety glasses when inflating the balloon. If the balloon pops, it could cause injury.
  6. Do not fly Cloudbuster balloons in extreme weather conditions.
  7. Fly balloons clear of anything that could pop the balloon (ex. a tree, pole, sign, building, etc).
  8. Do not fly balloons in restricted areas (ex. near airports). For additional safety restrictions or requirements, refer to Federal Aviation Regulation Part 101 (USA) or your country's regulations or laws for moored or unmanned balloons. 
  9. USA law states, if the balloon is larger than 6 ft and breaks free from its tether, you must report it to the nearest airport control center.


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