Bargain Balloons does not carry Puff 'N Stuff machines in stock, however, you can special order this device by opening a support ticket for product #PNS-004

The Puff ’N Stuff® is a portable and compact tabletop balloon stuffing machine that is easy to use. 

How to use a Puff ’N Stuff® Machine

  1. Put the lid on the base and stretch an 18-inch stuffing balloon over the opening. The balloon can be stretched manually or by using a balloon expander. A balloon expander is an accessory that is not included and is sold separately for this device.
  2. Once the lip of the balloon is over the opening, close the lid and turning on the machine to inflate the balloon. 
  3. After the balloon is inflated, place the protective sleeve over the lid before filling the inside. This will prevent the balloon from being damaged. 
  4. You can now begin placing items and/or decorations inside of the balloon. 
  5. Once the balloon is filled, remove the protective sleeve and open it while holding the neck of the balloon. 
  6. Tie the neck of the balloon and embellish as desired.

Download Instruction Manual


  • Puff ’N Stuff® lid with a collar that has six nubs
  • Puff ’N Stuff® base
  • Inflator hose and protective cloth sleeve
  • Optional Balloon Expander #48338
  • Requires stuffing balloons
  • Dimensions is 19 x 19 x 12
  • Weight is 6.2 lbs