Orbz™ Special Filling Instructions

A high-pressure latex regulator should be used to inflate an Orbz balloon. In all other cases, you should use a regulator meant for foil balloons, in order to avoid costly balloon breakage (unless directed differently by the balloon manufacturer). A fully inflated Orbz™ balloon is meant to look similar to a beach ball. However, if you inflate these balloons with a foil balloon regulator that has an auto shut-off, the auto shut-off will stop inflating the balloon before it reaches its shape. The auto-shut off measures pressure in the balloon, and believes the balloon is full before the fully inflated size is reached. 


The Orbz™ balloon will not look round when uninflated. It will look like a leaf. As you inflate the Orbz™ balloon, you will hear noises that sound like the Orbz™ balloon is tearing. This is normal. The Orbz™ balloon is a four-panel balloon, while most foil balloons are two-panel balloons. We recommend wearing safety glasses to inflate balloons. 

Orbz Inflation Instructions

  • Locate the inflation point or valve opening (normally found in the tail of the balloon). A cut out in the shape of a circle, often accompanies the inflation point as shown in the image below. The self-sealing valve may not begin at the exact hole cut out. 
  • Carefully slide the high-pressure latex inflator into the inflation valve. Be very careful not to tear or damage the tail of the balloon or valve. Make sure the inflator is inside the valve. Sometimes you may find the inflator is behind, in front, or beside the valve. In these cases, the balloon will not inflate.
  • Hold the balloon in a straight line towards the inflator, and tilt the inflator to release the helium. 
  • Inflate slowly in order to avoid any damage to the balloon or to the self-sealing valve.
  • The balloon will make a noise as if it is tearing. This is normal. 
  • Slowly inflate the balloon until all wrinkles have disappeared. The latex nozzle does not auto shut-off, so you must decide when the balloon is fully inflated.
  • Remove the balloon from the inflator. The self sealing-valve will close itself, which will prevent gas from escaping.
  • Tie ribbon below the self-sealing valve in order to avoid damaging the valve.