A cart ID is a nine-digit numerical code that is assigned to your shopping cart and identifies your order in our system. You can find your cart ID as shown in the image below.

Please Note: We suggest saving the email we will send you with your cart ID or writing down your cart ID number to continue shopping at a later time or on a different computer or mobile device. 

The Bargain Balloons website only allows one cart to be saved per internet browser (Firefox, Explorer Edge, Chrome, Safari, etc) and per domain (.com or .ca). We suggest using different browsers to create more than one cart at a time because our system will not allow you to do so.


How do I save my shopping cart?

Shopping carts (orders) automatically save on your computer for up to 30 days. Once you add an item to your shopping cart you will receive the email as shown below.

"Subject: Cart ID for Bargain Balloons order.


The cart ID for your Bargain Balloons order is (XXXXXXXXX). If your browser fails to store your shopping cart, please use this cart ID to retrieve your order.

 Follow the link below to learn what is a cart ID and how to use it. 

What is a cart ID? (Saving and transferring)

If you have placed at least one order with Bargain Balloons, you can also retrieve your shopping cart by logging into the Customer Portal."


Unfortunately, if you delete the browsing history on your computer or are using a browser that automatically deletes history and cookies, you will lose your shopping cart. The only way to save your order is to write down your cart ID (see image above).


How do I transfer my cart? 

If an agent needs to take over your cart to help you or you want to continue shopping on a different computer or mobile device, you will need your cart ID to transfer your order to the device you are working on.


Please Note: If you do not put your email address into the prompt you will not be able to transfer the cart (see image below).

If you have lost your cart on your computer or need to retrieve your cart on another device, simply click the "Transfer Cart" button and enter your cart ID to retrieve it (as shown below), and enter your nine-digit cart ID number.


You can bring the cart back and forth from computer to computer by transferring the cart as per the instructions above.

Another option is to write down your cart ID, go to the checkout page, and then click ‘Cancel’ to continue at a later time (see image below). 



Please Note: Cancelling an order deletes the cart ID from your computer, but does not delete the cart from our system. When you are ready to retrieve your other order, use the transfer cart link found in the shopping cart box beside the cart ID.

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