You can find balloons on our website in several ways. You can navigate through the pages of the site by pressing the category page links near the top, and along the left hand side of the website. Pressing the category links will take you to balloons or products that we believe match the category. An example: if you are looking for latex balloons, scroll all the way down the navigation bar on the left side to where the box turns green and the header reads “Latex Balloons”. You will see all of the different categories of latex balloons we carry.

You can also use the search feature on the top right hand side of the website. If you enter a word or several words, the website will display products where product names or categories match your search. When doing a search, keep it to as few words as possible. An example of this would be if you are looking for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle balloons then first search “Ninja” rather than use all four words. That search may find a few other balloons, but it will list all the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle balloons as well.

The search is defaulted to “any word”. You can be more specific by choosing “all words” meaning you want all words to appear in your results. You will get fewer results that way. The search is also defaulted not to include air fill balloons. Air fill balloons are balloons meant to go on sticks and do not float with helium. Some customers are not aware of this so we allow you to choose if you want to include these in the search or not.

If you are not able to locate a product on our website or believe, we may not sell the product please press the live chat button, open a support ticket or call us as 1-866-330-1272. One of our customer service representatives will look into finding the product for you and send you a link to it on our site or look into whether we could stock the product.

Search found at the top of our website.