If you got to the point of entering your bill to or ship to details, we may be able to retrieve your lost shopping cart. Please open a support ticket. Otherwise, it is very difficult for us to locate a lost shopping cart.

You may want to consider these things:

  • To retrieve your shopping cart, make sure you are using the same computer and browser where you started your order. Your Cart ID is stored within your browser. Your Cart ID is required to retrieve your order.
  • Shopping carts require your browser to save some information (cookies, etc) on your computer. This connects with our server, and retrieves your shopping cart. If you delete your browser history, you may also delete your browser's ability to retrieve your shopping cart. Shopping carts are stored on our servers using a unique Cart ID for each cart. 
  • If you wrote down your Cart ID, follow the instructions found here to retrieve your shopping cart.
  • If you use a private browser such as Incognito in Chrome, or Private Window in Firefox, these browsers delete the history each time you close the browser. You may lose your shopping cart each time you close the browser.  Write down your Cart ID, so you can retrieve your cart later.
  • Check to make sure you are on the correct domain. Shopping carts on our US domain and Canadian domain are separate. It is possible to move a cart from one domain to another. However, a cart you started on one domain, will not be retrieved on another without you transferring it. See more details here