Foil balloons are created from a film made of plastic and metal and are not biodegradable.  These balloons are also not recyclable and must be disposed of properly in the garbage. 


Latex balloons and latex products are made of sap from the rubber tree, and this naturally occurring substance is 100% biodegradable. However, during the manufacturing process, other chemicals are added to the sap in order to manufacture the balloon, such as color pigments  


A latex balloon will eventually biodegrade because it breaks down when exposed to the elements of nature. It will take many, many years for it to decompose. These balloons are not recyclable and it is best to dispose of them in the garbage.  


TIP: Store your latex balloon in a cool, dark location to keep them as fresh as possible.

It is very important to make sure your balloons are weighted down and never released into the air because of the dangerous impact they have on the environment and animals. Latex balloons are hazardous to animals who think it's food and try to swallow or digest it. 


Bargain Balloons does not cosign or endorse any manufacturer's claim to produce 100% biodegradable balloons.

Please see our article Dangers of balloon releases and the law for more information on balloon releases.