Cloudbuster balloons are made using a mixture of natural and synthetic latex (Chloroprene), which allows them to withstand elements, including the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The balloons are available in sizes 4 ft., 5.5ft., and 8 ft. wide– and require a lot of helium

Cloudbuster Balloons are available in the following14 colors:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Island Bue
  • Icy Blue
  • Kiwi Lime
  • Orange
  • Purple 
  • Dark Pink
  • Pistachio
  • Pastel Yellow
  • Red
  • Shell Pink
  • White
  • Yellow

Once these balloons are attached to a heavy nylon tether line or display pennant line, they are capable of floating 100 ft or more. Cloudbuster balloons are commonly used outdoors to draw attention to large-scale events like grand openings, however, they can be used indoors as well. 

Be careful of imitations when purchasing Cloudbuster balloons. The original professional quality Cloudbuster balloons are made in Japan and only marketed by Pioneer Balloon (Qualatex) through distributors. 

It is important to note other latex balloons that are the same size are not Cloudbuster Balloons and will not necessarily meet the standards that allow for quality when using them outdoors.

Double stuffing a chloroprene balloon to create a new color will not work the way it does with standard latex. A cloudbuster is much thicker and has oils in it.  

A latex or cloudbuster balloon filled with helium will decrease in size causing the paint to flake off. Bargain Balloons is not aware of any paint that can be used on latex or cloudbuster balloons.

We also do not suggest using markers on latex/cloudbusters, however, if you do need to write on the balloon, you would need to fill the balloon with helium or air and then write on it. Be very careful, the balloon is now under a lot of stress and pressure, increasing the chances of it popping are. There are custom screen printing options for cloudbusters but they are VERY expensive and there are minimum buys. This is more of a corporate thing not for a person's name.

Bargain Balloons does not suggest using cloudbusters or outdoor balloons for deco purposes. These balloons are not the same as a latex balloon used for deco,

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